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You can buy work that I have in stock through:
ETSY is a website for buying and selling anything handmade. It started in America but is gradually becoming worldwide. You can buy anything that I have in stock here, using Paypal. Please note that all prices are in US$ on the ETSY site.

For all orders and enquiries, please contact me (Lizzie Tucker):
email: mail@lamosaicgifts.co.uk
01275 394650
07786 990230

Customer Comments
"The mirror is absolutely stunning, we are really pleased, thank you. What I particularly like about the mirror is that I chose the design I wanted along with the colours and its size, it really feels like it belongs"

"Love it, love it, love it! Just finished hanging it on the wall and it looks wonderful - just as I had imagined. It's beautifully finished and the colours look stunning, really unusual in fact. Thank you so much. We have never used the internet to buy something similar so I guess you take a risk when you rely on photographs. Couldn't be more delighted."

Price, size and delivery examples:
Each piece that I make is unique and as such it is impossible to give a standard rate. The price will depend on the size of the piece, the materials used and the complexity of the design. Please see below for some sample prices.

As a general rule, the pendants (which come with a chain) and the brooches are £15 each. Both are supplied gift-boxed. Coasters are £18 for a set of 4 or £25 for a set of 6. Each image on the mosaics page can be purchased in the form of a greetings card, for £1.50 per card.

Diving Fish Mosaic This mosaic of a diving fish measures 30cm x 43cm and weighs approximately 2kg. Its price is £100 and it would cost approx £12 to send by standard first class post within the UK.
Oblong Mirror 8 This mirror measures 30cm x 35cm and weighs approximately 1.6kg. Its price is £40 and it would cost approx £10 to send by standard first class post within the UK.
Any delivery requirements can be discussed. I do my best to make sure that all items are very carefully packaged. Once they have left me, they are the responsibilty of the delivery company.

Making the mosaics

Most of my mosaics have a base of MDF. For the designs, I mainly use glass because of the vibrant colours available, but occasionally I use ceramics for a more subtle effect.
Each piece is designed on paper, then the glass fragments are transferred to the MDF and the gaps between them are filled with grout, using a colour that complements the design.
Some of the glass I use is iridescent and when the light catches it, the colours change completely. Here are a couple of examples:

Oblong Mirror 8 Iridescent Oblong Mirror 8 Pendant 9 Iridescent Pendant 9

Some words from the artist...

Having studied art and ceramics at college, I have always been interested in form and colour.
I stumbled across mosaics a few years years ago and became fascinated by the creation of a picture from hundreds of tiny bits of glass or ceramic.
I love bright, vibrant colours and find that the natural world provides endless beautiful patterns, shapes and colours, which is where most of my inspiration comes from.
The challenge for me is to transfer a design on paper into a mosaic that not only captures the movement of the subject and does not become static, but is also a balanced composition - sometimes quite hard with the overpowering colour of glass.
It is difficult to produce a direct representaion of an object, often a very detailed image needs to be simplified in order to recreate it in a mosaic and sometimes certain features are exaggerated.
It would be impossible to achieve the same level of detail as you could in a painting. However, I think that the beauty of mosaics is that only an impression or a suggestion of the subject is seen, and as such is always slightly abstract.
The medium I mainly use is glass, and occasionally ceramics when a more subtle palette is required. I have made a wide variety of mosaics, from mirrors, place mats and jewellery, to coffee tables, outdoor panels and house numbers.

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